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Ep 332: Careers Site Systems

| E:332

As I said at the start of the last episode reinventing recruitment marketing is a big topic for talent acquisition this year. Long term listeners to the podcast will also know about my deep-held belief that careers sites are the critical element of recruitment marketing that remains very much underutilised.

Many forward-thinking employers are now turning to careers site systems to maximise the recruitment marketing benefits of careers site and minimise their development pain points.

So what happens when we start thinking about careers sites as sophisticated software solutions rather than one-off creative projects?

My guest this week is James Saunders, CEO of Attrax. Over the last few years, James has been one of the pioneers of careers site systems and has a massive amount of knowledge and experience to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ What is a careers site system?

▪ The focal point of employer branding

▪ Strategic positioning

▪ Why employers should invest in their own asset

▪ The dreaded "log in to apply."

▪ The core elements of sophisticated careers sites

▪ Optimising the candidate experience

▪ Personalisation and AI

▪ Unique stats and analytics

▪ Learning from eCommerce

▪ Future innovations

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