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Ep 370: The Future Of Candidate Experience

It is an absolute delight to be back after a slightly longer summer podcasting break than I was anticipating. I've nearly finished my book and, most importantly, have put a lot of time into planning the future of RecruitingFuture. The first thing to announce is that there will now be a full transcript of each episode in the show notes to make more accessible and more searchable. The transcripts start from episode 369 onwards. I'll have more exciting news to share in the coming weeks, so keep listening and make sure you subscribe to the show whether you get your podcasts.

So on with Episode 370, earlier in the year, my long-time collaborator Mervyn Dinnen and I partnered with the team at SHL on a piece of research into the future of candidate experience. We identified six fundamental shifts in thinking which will help employers deliver an exceptional candidate experience and have published all the findings in a new whitepaper.

To talk through the six shifts, I'm delighted to welcome one of my co-authors on the whitepaper Sam Whiteman, Head of Solutions at SHL. Enjoy the conversation, and please download the whitepaper once you've had a listen.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The current state of candidate experience

• The employer brand opportunity

• Translating lessons from consumer experience into candidate experience

• Automation and asynchronous empowerment

• Realistic job previews

• Real-time candidate experience optimisation

• Offering personalised feedback at scale

• Authenticity

• Demonstrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

• The role of technology

• Realistic and practical advice for talent acquisition leaders

Download the whitepaper

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