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Ep 377: Strategic AI

Talent Acquisition is uniquely challenging at the moment. Impossible talent markets, virtual recruiting, and evolving EVPs are just a small selection of TA leaders' current challenges. At the same time, we are seeing an unprecedented amount of investment and innovation in recruiting technology being driven by AI. So how does everything join up, and how can talent acquisition teams use AI in a strategic way to address the problems they face

My guest this week is Rebecca Warren, part of the Customer Success team at Eightfold AI. Rebecca is a former TA leader, which gives her some unique insights and advice to share on using AI strategically.

In the interview, we discuss:

Talent Acquisition challenges

The best way of connecting with candidates in the current environment

Looking beyond the resume

Using AI to fin skill adjacency, talent and potential

DE&I, what is happening in practice?

Which new ways of working are long term trends

How AI can make Talent Acquisition more strategic

The evolution of the EVP

Practical examples of AI in action

Advice to talent acquisition leader on AI

What does the future hold?

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