Discover how to survive the journey of creative entrepreneurship

Through stories of the gutsiest founders and Rainemakers around the globe, you will learn tips, hacks, and words of wisdom to help you grow and thrive along your personal journey. Hosted by Nova Lorraine.

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LIVE - Is Self-Care Really That Important?

Is self-care overrated and how does it play into maintaining a healthy state of mind?

Discover when to recognize when to recharge, pivot, and identify the unique things to fill your personal well.

An interesting discussion on protecting our mental health and temporary pleasures that don’t work.

Join the fun live every Friday at 9pm EST as we help you Increase Creativity, Beat Burnout, AND Happily Survive the Rollercoaster of Creative Entrepreneurship! This is the companion show to the book, Unleash Your Supernova - your go to guide for immediately, use-able tips on: mindset, creativity hacks, decreasing stress, and unlocking your limitless potential. If you miss us on Fridays on BBS Radio, no problem - make sure to download and subscribe to stay

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Nova Lorraine is a mother of four, the Founder of Raine Magazine, Pink Kangaru, The Raine School of Fashion, and Nova Lorraine International! Ryon Anderson is the Founder of Ryon Esquire, Business and Peak Performance Coaching and Consulting Company. To learn more about Ryon, out

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