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2023 Evergreen Podcasts Network Awards Unwrapped

2023 Evergreen Podcasts Network Awards Unwrapped

Let's celebrate our incredible network of shows, producers, and staff who collaborated this year to win more than TWENTY podcasting awards in 2023. These awards include MUSE, W3, Davy, and Signal's awards. To our network, we say: we are extremely proud of your achievements. With recent growth in talent and audience, we anticipate receiving many more accolades in the coming year! Let’s dive in to celebrate these outstanding shows and creators.


“The MUSE Creative Awards is a prestigious international advertising awards platform, celebrating excellence and innovation in the realms of creative design, advertising, and digital media. Bringing together artists, designers, and creative professionals from around the world, the award honors the extraordinary craft that shapes compelling narratives and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.“ - MUSE

FruitLoops: Serial Killers of Color | Platinum

Carol Costello Presents Blind Rage | Platinum

The French History Podcast | Gold

Chris DeMakes a Podcast | Gold

Hardly Working | Gold

3am Scary Stories | Gold

Disinformation | Silver

The Inside Line | Silver


“Established in 2005, the w3 Awards celebrate digital excellence by honoring outstanding work across Websites, Marketing, Video, Mobile Sites & Apps, Social, Podcasts, and Emerging Tech. At The w3 Awards, we aim to honor the unsung heroes of digital creativity who create imaginative and boundary-blazing work day after day.” - W3

Carol Costello Presents Blind Rage | Podcast Features-Best Host | Best in Show

Individual Episodes & Specials-Crime & Mystery | Gold

Medal of Honor | Individual Episodes & Specials-Public Service & Activism | Gold

Five Minute News | Individual Episodes & Specials-News & Politics | Gold

Living for We | Individual Episodes & Specials-Cause Awareness | Gold


“The largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the “Davids” of creativity. David defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock – the sort of thing small agencies do each year. The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the “Creative Davids” who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets” -Davy.

Next Best Picture | Television & Film Episodes | Silver

Gandhi, The Final Years | Best Documentary & Historical Episodes | Gold

Living For We | Branded Series | Gold

Society & Culture Episodes | Silver

Pit Pass F1 | Sports Episodes | Gold

Carol Costello Presents: Blind Rage | Best Host | Gold

Best Crime & Mystery Episodes | Silver


“The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens. Founded in 1979 to honor local, regional and cable television commercials, with non-broadcast video and television programming added soon after, the award has evolved with the rise of digital video to include branded content, documentary, social media, immersive and more. The Telly Awards today celebrates the best work in the video medium in an exciting new era of the moving image on and offline.” - Telly

Five Minute News | 2023

Signal Awards

“The Signal Awards seeks to honor and celebrate the people and content that raise the bar for podcasting.” - Signal

Storyworth | Silver Winner

One Hit Thunder | Listener's Choice

Next Best Picture | Gold Winner

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