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Behind the Mic: Celebrating the Women of Evergreen and Their Impact

Behind the Mic: Celebrating the Women of Evergreen and Their Impact

Throughout the year, we work hard to lift up a myriad of individuals who contribute to our network and content—be they hosts, guests, producers, or more. As our network grows, so does that group of individuals to honor. Evergreen's remarkable growth in recent years reflects our steadfast determination. Rooted in high production values and artistic integrity, our woman-owned enterprise remains poised for ongoing expansion. This impressive movement undoubtedly comes with hours and hearts poured into our work. While much of it is a labor of love, it's crucial to acknowledge that this effort, often unnoticed, is not unappreciated.

So for this year, for Women’s History Month, we would like to celebrate the women of Evergreen Podcasts. And as we do, we also acknowledge the broader team's efforts. Here's a glimpse into some of the faces behind our content:

Joan Andrews, Founder

Joan Andrews, our Founder, spearheads our Front Porch Classics lineup, fostering discussions on literature and music. Alongside Brigid Coyne, they've steered our journey from a humble attic to a thriving media company. Their dedication to crafting engaging content has been instrumental in shaping our network and fostering our growth in the podcasting industry.

Sakeenah Bari-Harold

Sakeenah Bari-Harold, our Director of Administration, brings decades of experience in nonprofit management, championing community development initiatives. Her commitment to organizational excellence ensures that our operations run smoothly, allowing us to focus on creating compelling content that resonates with our audience.

Angela Bartunek

Angela Bartunek, our Director of Business Development, combines creativity with business acumen, leveraging her diverse background in design and sales. Her strategic approach to forging partnerships and expanding our network has been integral to our success in securing new opportunities and reaching broader audiences.

Brigid Coyne

Brigid Coyne, our Executive Vice President of Production, was pivotal in the company's inception and evolution. Alongside Joan Andrews, she helped launch the company and has since taken on leadership roles, overseeing the production of all Branded and Original content at Evergreen. Her multifaceted talents extend beyond podcasting, reflecting her passion for sports, classic films, and literature.

Tegan Ferraby

Teagan Ferraby, our Graphic Designer, infuses creativity into our visual identity, drawing from her artistic background and passion for storytelling. Her eye for design elevates our brand aesthetics and enhances the overall viewer experience, contributing to our success in engaging our audience visually.

Nijah Golliday

Nijah Golliday, a Producer at Evergreen Podcasts, brings energy and creativity to our projects, drawing from her background in media production and a passion for storytelling. Her innovative approach to content creation ensures that each podcast episode resonates with our audience, while her expertise in production enhances the overall quality of our content. Nijah's dedication to crafting compelling narratives and her commitment to excellence have been invaluable assets to our team.

Leah Haslage and Erin Lann, our Senior Producers, bring decades of media experience to our productions!

Leah Haslage

Leah has nearly20 years of experience in media and entertainment and is the award-winning Producer behind several acclaimed winning shows, including Banking Transformed with Jim Marous, and Weddings Unveiled (which she also hosted!). She's also actively involved in industry organizations, serving as President of the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters and on the board for her alumni, the Ohio Media School.

Erin Lann

Erin, a Cleveland native who honed her comedic and storytelling skills with the Second City's National Touring Company, has worked with prestigious networks like the Parcast Network and Spotify Originals. Her passion for captivating storytelling shines through in every project she takes on, ensuring that each podcast episode leaves a lasting impact on our listeners.

Kae Holmberg

Kae Holmberg of Holm Videos, though not yet a full-time team member, plays a crucial role as our esteemed photographer and videographer. Kae's professionalism and creativity shine through in every piece of content she produces, adding a professional touch that enhances our brand image and resonates with our audience.

Madison Linden

Madison Linden, our reporting guru, brings a wealth of knowledge in psychology and communication, complemented by her eclectic interests and crafting skills. Her meticulous approach to research and analysis provides valuable insights that inform our content strategy and drive audience engagement.

Samantha Maloy

Samantha Maloy, our Marketing Director, enthusiastically leads our promotional efforts, driven by her passion for storytelling and podcasting. Her strategic vision and creativity are evident in every marketing campaign, effectively amplifying our brand message and expanding our reach to new audiences.

Anne Wade

Anne Wade, our Director of Partner Relations, infuses creativity and strategy into our partnerships, drawing from her background in digital marketing and account management. Her ability to foster meaningful collaborations and cultivate relationships with partners has been instrumental in driving our growth and success.

To all the unsung heroes within our team, we extend our deepest gratitude.

Your dedication, creativity, and tireless efforts form the backbone of Evergreen Podcasts' success. Each member brings a unique perspective and skill set, enriching our collective endeavors and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of talent that defines our community. We value and appreciate every individual, regardless of their identification and preferences, and remain committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of our work. Whether you're behind the scenes shaping narratives, refining production quality, or engaging our audience through social media and marketing efforts, your contributions do not go unnoticed. Together, we celebrate the collaborative spirit that propels Evergreen Podcasts forward, and we look forward to continuing our journey together, creating compelling content that resonates with listeners around the world.

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