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First in Series of Acquisitions, ‘The RR Show’ Features The Best Stories the Internet Has to Offer

First in Series of Acquisitions, ‘The RR Show’ Features The Best Stories the Internet Has to Offer

Cleveland, OH - Evergreen Podcasts (Evergreen) is excited to take the reins of the beloved podcast Reddit Readings (The RR Show), which shares stories from Reddit in an immersive audio format. Facilitated by The Podcast Broker, this marks the first in a series of content acquisitions for Evergreen that will continue into 2024.

The RR Show is a podcast crafted by co-owners Andy Roberts (host) and Anton Mehto (producer) for enthusiasts who cherish the narratives found on Reddit, but prefer the immersive experience of listening. Guided by a mission to curate the most fascinating, humorous, and spine-tingling stories from Reddit, the show stands out by securing expressed permission from each featured author. Evergreen is honored to continue this show’s legacy of empowering storytellers by respecting their right to control how their works are redistributed.

Check out their recent episode, Not All Guests Are Welcome | r/LetsNotMeet

Regarding the acquisition, co-owner and host of The RR Show Andy Roberts said, “I've thoroughly enjoyed my time working on the show and am truly excited to see it now receiving the time and dedication it deserves. This new phase promises to enhance what we've already achieved, especially as I've recently been unable to devote as much attention to it as I would have liked.”

Evergreen has continued releasing new content during the transition. Episodes of The RR Show are released twice per week on Mondays and Fridays.

“Andy and Anton reached into the deepest corners of the internet to build an audio community around some of Reddit’s wildest stories. What they’ve done is truly impressive and we’re delighted to continue their legacy by bringing fans the vibrant content they’ve come to know and love,” said Brigid Coyne, Vice President of Production for Evergreen Podcasts.

Showcasing a unique format, each episode commences with an introduction, seamlessly transitioning into a host-narrated reading of carefully selected Reddit stories. The average episode length ranges from eight to twenty minutes, making it easily digestible for listeners on the go.

“It's terrific that there is finally a resource for podcasts to be bought and sold.” Heather Osgood, Co-founder at The Podcast Broker, said. “It was our pleasure to connect this engaging podcast with a company such as Evergreen, which is looking to grow and build on the foundation of this already successful show.”

Subscribe for free to The RR Show on Spotify, Apple, or the Evergreen website.

Press inquiries: If you’d like to interview any staff members, please contact Samantha Maloy at Evergreen Podcasts.

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