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Joining ‘The Replacements’ on TMEP as Band Re-Enters Zeitgeist

Joining ‘The Replacements’ on TMEP as Band Re-Enters Zeitgeist

Of late, co-hosts Alex Hofmann and Allen Keller of Too Much Effing Perspective (TMEP) have been vibing on 1980’s alt-rock band, The Replacements. The Replacements re-entered the zeitgeist with the reissued and remixed version of their iconic album, "Tim (Let It Bleed Edition)”, and the stars align impeccably for Too Much Effing Perspective hosts to journey deep into the band's legacy.

The recently released book, “Euphoric Recall” by The Replacements' original manager Peter Jesperson and the remixed “Tim” album offers a glimpse into the beloved band’s nostalgic memories. And for The Bear fans, you can't miss the musical backdrop of great Replacements songs throughout season two, including "Bastards of Young" and "Can't Hardly Wait" featured in Episode 5.

Both Replacements' bass player Tommy Stinson and Jesperson joined the TMEP crew for a chat, fulfilling the hosts’ aspirations and enriching the allure!

Stinson and Jesperson Give Their Effing Perspective

The Replacements' hijinx and dysfunction are well documented, and TMEP relished the opportunity to hear some of these Spinal Tap Moment stories firsthand from Tommy and Peter. Each interview sheds light on different stories and aspects of The Replacements' experience; it's really something special to hear Tommy and Peter’s separate perspectives in their own words. Plus we get to hear what they’ve accomplished in the music scene post-Replacements (e.g., Tommy played with Guns N Roses and still tours with his new project). Check out these episodes to hear the effing perspective of Tommy, Peter, Allen, and Alex!

The Replacements Tommy Stinson - Baptism By Campfire

Bassist Tommy Stinson lays it down! The guys talk about the time The Replacements pissed off KISS’ Gene Simmons so badly that he walked out of their show at CBGB; and how much fun it was to ride a mechanical bull with Axl Rose. Tommy also talks about a rough tour opening for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, how the band played to empty seats because all The Replacements fans were in the cheaper grass seats, and playing the final show of the tour wearing dresses borrowed from the Heartbreakers' wives. We also get a little perspective about his new album, “Wronger” with Cowboys In The Campfire.

Twin/Tone Records Peter Jesperson - The Fifth Beatle of The Replacements

Twin/Tone Records co-founder and The Replacements' original manager Peter Jesperson gives the hosts a few doses of thunder when he talks about the origins of the “Mats” rivalry with REM; why the band threw some of their master tapes into the Mississippi River; and what legendary group member Paul Westerberg told Peter was not the “be all and end all.” The episode delves into the Minneapolis music scene and Jesperson's experiences with various influential bands.

TMEP’s Personal Connection

We all have those songs that enter our consciousness at just the right time in life to align so perfectly they become the backdrop of our own personal movie. Co-hosts Alex and Allen share a connection to The Replacements that stems from their upbringing in the upper Midwest, where bands like The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Soul Asylum helped shape the music scene.

For Allen, his journey with ‘The Replacements’ began in Chicago in the mid-80’s, working as a typist for the classified ads at the Chicago Reader. He would listen to music on his Sony Walkman as he worked (Sony Walkman is a portable cassette player - can you imagine?). At the time, his band member, Dave Newman, slipped him a tape for his collection, and as the song “I Will Dare” from ‘The Replacements’ album “Let it Be” began, so did a love affair for Allen with the band that “lasts to this day”.

While Alex's three-decade 'fandom' took root through a more personal avenue, the spark that ignited his passion came with the heavy rotation of the song "Alex Chilton" on Wisconsin rock radio. This exposure led Alex to the revelation that a friend of his actually hung out with Tommy Stinson. As an impressionable youngster, this was the first time Alex became aware of a peer "knowing a rock star," a notion that held immense appeal and stirred his intrigue even more into The Replacements' music.

The late '80s presented an opportunity for Alex to witness the band live, in an unexpected setting – a sophisticated theater in Madison, Wisconsin, quite distinct from the rock clubs exuding the scent of cigarette smoke and stale beer that defined the band's usual haunts. Despite the unconventional venue, the experience was remarkable, even if, in true Replacements fashion, they managed to mess up their current hit song during the performance. These personal encounters fostered a genuine connection to the band, which continues to this day.

The Replacements’ Musical Evolution

Originating in 1979 in Minneapolis, The Replacements started as a punk rock band, eventually evolving their sound to incorporate punk, post-punk, and alternative rock elements. Albums like "Let It Be" (1984) and "Tim" (1985) marked a shift towards a more polished sound, while "Don't Tell a Soul" (1989) and "All Shook Down" (1990) preceded their initial breakup in 1991. The band, however, reunited for live performances in 2013.

Join Too Much Effing Perspective as they navigate through the intriguing history of The Replacements, bringing forth untold stories and a renewed appreciation for the band's enduring legacy. And find The Replacements Tim: Let It Bleed Edition box set on Rhino Records and Peter Jesperson's new book, Euphoric Recall, with lots of Replacements history available here on the publisher's site and, of course, on Amazon and elsewhere.

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