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Evergreen Enriches Portfolio with the Practical Stoicism Podcast

Evergreen Enriches Portfolio with the Practical Stoicism Podcast

Stoicism is the pursuit of Virtue, which was defined by the Ancient Greeks as "the knowledge of how to live excellently". Stoicism is a holistic life philosophy meant to guide us towards the attainment of this knowledge through the development of our character. Practical Stoicism takes a practical approach to reviewing, interpreting, and reflecting on ancient texts from both Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus so as to provide you with actionable advice concerning your own personal Stoic journey. Episodes are released on Mondays and Fridays.

Cleveland, OHEvergreen Podcasts (Evergreen) proudly welcomes the Practical Stoicism podcast, providing listeners with a guide to applying Stoic principles in their daily lives. Hosted by Tanner Campbell, Practical Stoicism skillfully translates the ancient wisdom of Stoicism into modern, practical insights. This distinctive approach aligns with Evergreen’s mission to deliver captivating and thought-provoking content to its global audience.

“I have been a huge fan of Tanner’s for many years,” noted Michael DeAloia, Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Podcasts, “And to now be working with him and to have Practical Stoicism on the Evergreen Network is a wow moment for me.”

Practical Stoicism is a unique podcast designed to introduce newcomers to the profound world of Stoic philosophy, and without watering it down.

In a recent episode, Tanner explores Oikeiôsis, a key element in Stoic philosophy, emphasizing its significance in developing virtue. He emphasizes the practicality of caring for others as oneself and commits to applying Oikeiôsic thinking and actions.

For listeners aiming to adopt Stoicism as a life philosophy, Tanner presents realistic observations, making the dense aspects of the philosophy more accessible. Committed to helping listeners grasp Stoic principles, episodes of Practical Stoicism are released two times a week— Monday, and Friday. This regular schedule ensures a steady flow of content for its engaged audience.

On joining the Evergreen Podcasts Network, Tanner Campbell stated, Evergreen Podcasts, as a network and a team of individuals, has shown me the sort of character I encourage my listeners (and myself) to work to embody every day: one that is honest, thoughtful, appropriately-intentioned, and hardworking (among other things). For this reason, I couldn’t be more pleased to move into my new digital home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Evergreen Podcasts values the strategic importance of Practical Stoicism in delivering diverse, thought-provoking content. The acquisition aligns with Evergreen's commitment to connecting listeners with informative, entertaining, and inspiring shows, while also amplifying the reach of the Practical Stoicism podcast. As part of the Evergreen Podcasts network, Practical Stoicism gains collaborative promotional opportunities and potential partnerships, opening new avenues for cross-promotion and audience expansion.

Find more details along by visiting the Practical Stoicism Podcast Website and by subscribing to Practical Stoicism on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or their preferred listening platform.

Press inquiries: If you'd like to interview members from Evergreen Podcasts, or the Host of Practical Stocisim, Tanner Campbell, please contact Samantha Maloy at Evergreen Podcasts.

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