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Renewed Hope: The Podcast Unraveling Mary and Bill's Ohio Cold Case

Renewed Hope: The Podcast Unraveling Mary and Bill's Ohio Cold Case

Mary and Bill: An Ohio Cold Case

In the quiet corners of history, unsolved mysteries often lurk, haunting the memories of those touched by their shadows. Such is the case of Mary and Bill, an unsolved murder that took place in 1970, shaking the grounds of The Ohio State University and leaving behind shattered lives and unanswered questions. Today, we embark on a journey with podcast host Justin Glanville, as he delves into the depths of this cold case, driven by his personal links to the victims and a relentless pursuit of truth. This is a story of heartache, resilience, and renewed hope, made possible by advancements in DNA technology.

The Terrifying Mystery:

"It was horrifying beyond anything that any of us had ever experienced or knew of. Nobody knew who did it. There was no motivation, nothing had been stolen. So that's part of what made it so terrifying: the randomness of it," says Holly Glanville. The tale begins in 1970 when the lives of Mary and Bill, two bright young students, were tragically cut short in a senseless act of violence. The murderer's identity remained shrouded in darkness, leaving a community in shock and disbelief. But for podcast host Justin Glanville, the case hit far closer to home than anyone could imagine. Mary and Bill were not just names in a news report; they were individuals whose lives were intertwined with Justin's own.

A Personal Connection:

Justin's parents knew the male victim, Bill, which plunged the Glanville family into the depths of this unsettling mystery. In the wake of the tragedy, Justin's father was even brought in for questioning, adding a layer of personal anguish that would remain etched in their hearts for years to come. The haunting impact of the case would motivate Justin to confront the past, determined to bring justice to Mary and Bill's memories.

Unveiling the Unsolved:

"There’s new hope of answers because of the work we’ve all done together, and the way the two sisters and especially Martha have stayed in front of the police. The podcast follows along on our journey, and I hope that inspires other victims’ families to keep up their own search for answers," says host Justin Glanville. Years later, with advancements in DNA technology, the flicker of hope burns brighter. Justin's relentless pursuit of truth leads him to Martha Petry, Mary's twin sister, who has been resolute in her pursuit of justice. Their shared determination breathes new life into the forgotten case, raising awareness and keeping the pressure on the police to solve this heinous crime.

A Dream Unveiling:

"Usually when I dream about cases, I'll be turning over some piece of evidence, trying to look at it from different angles. The dream I had about these two, it was a scary dream. It wasn't so much turning over evidence. It was a borderline nightmare," says Renee Robinson.

As the podcast unfolds, Justin collaborates with forensic pathologist Renee Robinson, who meticulously reviews the coroner's reports in search of any overlooked details. Even in her dreams, she is consumed by the weight of the case, haunted by the chilling circumstances surrounding Mary and Bill's murder. In a world where time can blur memories and crimes can be forgotten, Mary and Bill: An Ohio Cold Case, the podcast by Justin Glanville, produced by Ideastream, serves as a poignant reminder of the lives lost and the pain endured by those left behind. Through their unwavering determination, the podcast highlights the power of hope, community, and technological advancements in the pursuit of truth and justice.

As we join Justin on his journey, we are not only immersed in a gripping mystery but also witness the resilience of the human spirit. Together with Martha Petry and other dedicated individuals, the podcast stands as a testament to the importance of never giving up on seeking answers for the victims and their families.

In this dark corner of history, the light of renewed hope shines through. May Mary and Bill: An Ohio Cold Case inspire others to persevere in their search for truth, and may it ultimately lead to the resolution that Martha Petry and the memory of Mary and Bill so rightfully deserve.

To hear full episodes, listen here.

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