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Revived and Revitalized: The Return of Riffs on Riffs Podcast

Revived and Revitalized: The Return of Riffs on Riffs Podcast

Welcome back, music lovers! Are you tired of the silence, the darkness of the studio, and the absence of those electrifying guitar riffs? Fear not—Riffs on Riffs is back with a bang, ready to ignite your auditory senses with our long-awaited podcast revival!

Riffs on Riffs has always been your go-to podcast for musical enlightenment, offering that exhilarating rush of discovery with every note. Join us as we embark on a journey through the annals of music history, peeling back the layers of chart-topping hits to uncover the untold stories and hidden treasures nestled within.

Joe Watson, Co-Host

“Couldn’t be more excited to get back to talking about one of my favorite things — music— with one of my all time favorite people. Thrilled to be back on the mic with Toby, and we hope the infectious joy we experience as we dive deep into pop hits you know and love comes through in the podcast. Rest assured, there’s still plenty of bad puns and laughter, and we hope you’ll learn some things about music and life from our conversations".

Hosted by the dynamic duo of Joe and Toby, two wizards of the music world, Riffs on Riffs promises to be your ultimate guide through the labyrinth of musical history. Joe, a lifelong musician and Switch Innovation Lab co-founder, brings his guitar prowess and keen ear for detail. Meanwhile, Toby, a hip-hop producer and emcee who's shared the stage with legends like the Fugees and Cypress Hill, adds his unique perspective and infectious energy to the mix.

Toby Brazwell, Co-Host

"This podcast with Joe is definitely a happy place for me and to share it with other people is a dream. I think this season is our best and I’m confident that our audience (new and old listeners) will enjoy it!"

Riffs on Riffs kicks off their revival tour with the Millennial in her thriving era, Taylor Swift. Joe and Toby dive into Swift's "Cruel Summer." Initially released on her 2019 album Lover, the song saw a resurgence in popularity four years later, propelled by Swift's Eras tour. There's something intoxicatingly complicated going on here. We're talking about a passionate, whirlwind romance that's equal parts thrilling and…well, cruel. In this episode, Toby and Joe dissect the infectious beats and poignant lyrics of "Cruel Summer," exploring its journey to the top of the charts and its impact on listeners beyond Swift's core demographic.

But we won't stop there… Hold onto your headphones because here's where the real fun begins. From those mesmerizing melodies, we embark on wild tangents, exploring pop culture connections, sharing personal anecdotes, and delving into those "shower thoughts" sparked by a killer chorus. Next on the track, we've got Journey's timeless anthem "Don't Stop Believin'," followed by Naughty By Nature's infectious hit "O.P.P.," and then Katy Perry's bop "I Kissed a Girl." Think of it as the ultimate deep dive followed by a freewheeling jam session, where every riff leads to a new revelation.

Riffs on Riffs is more than just a podcast; it's a safe space for open conversations where anything goes.

So dust off those headphones, crank up the volume and buckle up for a bi-weekly ride filled with laughter, insight, and plenty of random facts inspired by the songs you thought you knew. Get ready to rediscover the music that shaped generations. Settle in and join us as we unravel the mysteries of musical masterpieces one riff at a time. Let the revival begin!

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