Sample This — Riffs on Riffs Kicks Off Season 3

Sample This — Riffs on Riffs Kicks Off Season 3

June 10, 2022

Join us as Riffs on Riffs kicks off a new season on June 15, putting the spin on original and sampled tracks with new episodes every other Wednesday.

Each episode, Riffs on Riffs dives into the art of sampling to reveal the surprising connections between music’s past and present. They explore lesser-known songs and legendary tracks, examining how chart-topping songs borrow from earlier artists.

Hosts Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell take a deep look into this incredible tale, seeking out the untold story of the band 24-Carat Black, their landmark album “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth,” the visionary Dale Warren (a musical savant with a vision and a dark side), and their collective impact on the music industry.

Jay-Z, Nas, and numerous other big names in hip hop sampled this 1973 album, but the talents behind it never made a dime from their own music. 24-Carat Black split their time between posh hotels and the backs of U-Hauls and between limo rides and jail time. They experienced terrifying encounters with the KKK, grueling rehearsals, and the collapse of the Stax record label that ultimately led to the band’s demise.

Pay close attention to the show on social media, as there are some new tunes coming your way. Along with show producer Noah Foutz, Joe and Toby are making waves and making hits with some original members from 24-Carat Black. “We wanted to give back to these band members and make new music with them – something they can be proud of and derive success from,” says Foutz. Noah is a Composer and Musician who has played with the Cleveland Orchestra, performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and more. “It’s been so cool to make these tracks; I hope we can do more in the future!” he said. Look for future announcements or listen to the series to find out how you can help.

The Spin on Music’s Past & Present

Riffs on Riffs is back with a fresh approach and deeper dives into music’s fascinating stories. In a four-part series showcasing the band, 24-Carat Black, as well as its driving force: Dale Warren, hosts Joe and Toby share conversations with the voices behind the band. “The incredible tales of this group and that record are proof that life is sometimes stranger than fiction, and we are going right to the sources to uncover all the amazing stories,” Joe says.

Hear from 24-Carat Black vocalists Princess Hearn and Niambi Steele as they talk about the creation of the album “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth”, and the demanding tour that followed. The podcast also features an interview with 24-Carat Black’s saxophonist Jerome Derrickson, who is currently the booking agent for icon Frankie Beverly. They also had a lengthy conversation with Zach Schonfeld, author of the 33 ⅓ book Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth and a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Newsweek, and Vulture.

Not only does Riffs on Riffs take you behind the music scenes, it delivers stellar music playlists for every episode that you’ll want to add to your favorites.

Tune in to season three — and don’t miss an episode of Joe and Toby’s dynamic series, chock full of the commentary and perspective you expect from the Evergreen Podcasts music channel.

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