For Those Who Have A Complicated Relationship With Feedback

Sara Ismail-Beigi Bartlett speaks with guests about their ideas, perspectives, and best practices regarding feedback. For some, this process can be alarming, but it is essential and a key basis for improvement.

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Remaining Authentic by Giving Tangible Feedback

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Business Bites: Eisenhower Matrix

Can I Offer You Some Feedback?
The Eisenhower Matrix, first introduced by President Dwight Eisenhower, was a way to approach how we respond to urgency and importance. This 2x2 m...
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Creating Actionable Feedback

Can I Offer You Some Feedback?
Every conversation is an opportunity for action oriented feedback. Today we’re joined by T and we hear about how he links conversations and action...
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Business Bites: Critical Path Method

Can I Offer You Some Feedback?
The Critical Path Method is a term that is directly used in project management. This framework will help to identify the items that need to happen...
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Buisness Bites: Growth Mindset

Can I Offer You Some Feedback?
A Growth Mindset allows us to see challenges as an opportunity to develop further. Dr. Carol Dweck developed the growth and fixed mindset framewor...
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