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The Freeze, Cherry Blackbird, Wyrd (feat. Joseph Schmalke)

The guys welcome comic creator Joseph Schmalke to the show where we discuss news on Deadpool remaining R under Disney, Walking Dead rumors, Y the Last Man, and the passing of Rocket Raccoon. In the round table, we cover Joe’s book Cherry Blackbird, Wyrd, and The Freeze. Finally, we give our top picks for February 13th, 2019. Check out the show notes on ways to find Cherry Blackbird and other books by Joe!

Show Notes

  • Deadpool to remain R rated under Disney »
  • Walking Dead Spin-off rumors »
  • First photo released for Y: The Last man Series »
  • Model for Rocket dies »
  • Cherry Blackbird on Etsy »
  • The Freeze #1»
  • The Freeze #2»
  • The Freeze #3»
  • Wyrd #1»
  • Gideon Falls #11 »
  • Magic Order #6»
  • Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-tep #1»
  • Red Sonja #1»
  • Fight Club 3#1»
  • Kick Ass #12 »
  • Zinnober #7 »
  • Hit Girl Season 2 #1 »
  • Knights of the Golden Sun #4 »
  • Joseph Schmalke’s website »
  • Joseph Schamlke on etsy »
  • Carpe Noctem on Kickstarter »
  • Pre-order Joe’s new book Electric Blacke »
  • Joseph Schmalke on Twitter »
  • Joseph Schmalke on Instagram »

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