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A movie review podcast hosted by Hollywood critics, Les Roberts and Ann Elder. Each episode contains an in depth analysis of a chosen film. Les and Ann's Hollywood experience gives them the insight to discuss plot, script, casting, and whatever else you might want to know!

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"The Informant!"

Review Summary: Ann & Les love seeing Matt Damon in an atypical role, which they call it "one of his best performances." However, Ann found the first part of the movie rather confusing.

Plot: Based on real events, a corporate vice president becomes an informant to the U.S. government when his company is accused of price-fixing. Runtime 108 minutes.

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Writer: Scott Z. Burns

Starring: Matt Damon, Lucas McHugh Carroll, and Eddie Jemison

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"A Bigger Splash"

While Les prefered the film for it’s interesting casting choices, Ann disagreed and concluded it wasn’t such a big splash after all.
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"Now You See Me 2"

Ann and Les agreed that the all-star cast and epic stunt sequences made for a delightful, feel-good show.
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Ann and Les agreed this film masterfully captured the 50’s era tribulations, featuring outstanding actors who perfectly depicted the stirring emotions of this time period.
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"Blade Runner 2049"

Despite the epic sci-fi adventure and stunning visual effects, Ann and Les felt the emotionless characters held back the picture from being a true masterpiece...
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