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Sit down with host Todd Jones and other sportswriters who knew the greatest athletes and coaches, and experienced first-hand some of the biggest sports moments in the past 50 years. They’ll share stories behind the stories -- some they’ve only told to each other.

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Terence Moore: "I'm Six Feet Away From the Ring"

Terence Moore: "I'm Six Feet Away From the Ring"

There was blood on Terence Moore’s shirt. That’s how close he sat to the ferocious Hagler-Hearns brawl. Terence has been near so much action in a career spanning more than 40 years. He puts us inside Billy Martin’s trashed office, and he takes us on a walk with a weeping Mark Aguirre after a legendary NCAA tournament upset. Hear about Woody Hayes calling from the hospital, and about “The Tooz” shooting a stop sign with a 44 Magnum. Terence tells us about the challenge of breaking down racial barriers in sports media, and about serving as a pallbearer at Henry Aaron’s funeral.

Terence Moore is an award-winning national sports columnist and sports commentator with more than 40 years of experience. In 1999, he was honored by the National Association of Black Journalists for ranking as the longest-running black sports columnist in the history of major newspapers. He has covered 30 Super Bowls, numerous World Series and NBA Finals games, Final Fours, several Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500 and other auto races, major prize fights and golf tournaments, college football bowl games and more.

Terence currently works as a national columnist for Forbes.com, writes opinion pieces for CNN.com, and is a contributor to ESPN.com, MLB.com and MSNBC.com. He also does work for the NFL Network, has a YouTube channel called Atlanta Sports Unlimited, and makes TV appearances every week on Sports Zone Sunday for the local ABC affiliate in Atlanta, the most-watched ABC affiliate in the country. That’s the city’s top-rated sports show. His national TV appearances include a guest spot on The Oprah Winfrey Show, regular commentaries on CNN-SI, and five years as a panelist on ESPN’s Rome is Burning.

Terence spent 25 years as a general sports columnist for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution before becoming a national sports columnist for AOL Sports in 2009. He later served as a national columnist for SportsonEarth.com.

Before moving to Atlanta in January 1985, Terence spent five years as a reporter at the San Francisco Examiner, where he covered the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland Raiders, the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco 49ers. That followed three years as a sports reporter at the Cincinnati Enquirer, which hired him eight days after he graduated from Miami (Ohio) University in 1978.

Terence Moore

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