Truck N’ Hustle Joins the Evergreen Podcast Network

Truck N’ Hustle Joins the Evergreen Podcast Network

(Cleveland Ohio June 2023)– Evergreen Podcasts and Truck N’ Hustle, the highly acclaimed podcast transforming how people perceive the transportation and logistics industry, are thrilled to announce a new partnership. This collaboration opens new doors for Truck N’ Hustle and Evergreen Podcasts to broaden their perspectives and tap into the vibrant communities and relationships they have built.

The podcast's host, Rahmel Wattley, is ecstatic about joining the Evergreen Podcasts network, stating,

"We are super excited about joining the Evergreen Podcasts network. This a great opportunity for both of us to expand our horizons and leverage the great communities and relationships we’ve built over the years. The Truck N’ Hustle team intends to bring fresh and innovative content to the network as we cover the transportation & logistics industry in a way no one has before. Our stories are infectious and resonate beyond the industry, which we believe has been essential to astronomical growth.”

“The Transportation & Logistics industry is typically very segmented, and people are often reluctant to share information and industry insights,” added Wattley. “We’ve cracked the code by creating a safe space for people to do so. We connect transportation & logistics professionals by revealing their entrepreneurial and professional journeys and adding value to the community.”

“We’re thankful that Evergreen believes in our vision and shares our core values,” said Wattley. “Leading with integrity, hard work & killer content. It’s only up from here! We will make history together, one conversation at a time.”

As part of the Evergreen Podcasts network, Truck N' Hustle is poised to reach an even wider audience, inviting professionals and enthusiasts across the transportation and logistics industry to gain invaluable insights and foster connections. This collaboration promises to bring a new level of engagement and value to the community.

"We are incredibly excited to welcome Truck N' Hustle to the Evergreen Podcasts network,” said Gerardo Orlando, Chief Content Officer. “Their innovative approach to topics vital to the transportation and logistics industry aligns perfectly with our mission of delivering compelling and diverse content to our listeners."

Orlando continues, "Truck N' Hustle's relatable storytelling and ability to break barriers make them a perfect fit for Evergreen Podcasts. We look forward to collaborating with them to bring their fresh and infectious content to a wider audience, connecting professionals in the transportation and logistics landscape and beyond."

Join Truck N’ Hustle on their incredible journey as they embark on a new chapter with Evergreen Podcasts. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes filled with inspiring stories, valuable insights, and game-changing discussions that will revolutionize the transportation and logistics industry.

About Truck N’ Hustle

Truck N’ Hustle is a groundbreaking podcast that explores the transportation and logistics industry from a fresh and innovative perspective. Through intimate conversations with transportation and logistics professionals, the podcast highlights their entrepreneurial and professional journeys, fostering community and sharing valuable insights. With infectious stories that resonate beyond the industry, Truck N’ Hustle has experienced tremendous growth. For more information, visit or follow the show on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

About Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts' mission is to become the largest independent podcasting company worldwide, committed to a premier collection of shows from an international cast of storytellers. Offering global distribution and platforms for dynamic podcast growth, Evergreen produces content that celebrates modern influencers and personalities. Top thought leaders and breakout brands choose Evergreen to create inspiring stories through branded content, original shows, and partner podcasts.

Our team specializes in comprehensive podcast production, creative marketing, and distribution solutions, connecting brands to a broader audience. The Company launched four original podcasts in 2017 and now manages over 220 shows across six networks. Learn more about Evergreen Podcasts and check out our complete lineup of shows. Our storytelling podcasts have something for everyone.

For more information, visit or follow Evergreen Podcasts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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