Retrotone Hits the Airwaves

Retrotone Hits the Airwaves

Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America, and happy Halloween!

Tired of the malarkey coming from the mainstream media? Well, that stuff's history! In our latest endeavor — RetroTone News Evergreen gives you a snappy summary of the news. Modeled after the Movietone Newsreels of the 1930s, we give you contemporary headlines in a vintage news format. We cut the baloney and give it to you straight. Add a couple of licks o' music and some color commentary from our host Rodge Bigsby (David Allen Moss), and you've got the picture.

This first reel is just something we cooked up in our podcast lab, but to create more episodes, we need your feedback! Get on the horn, drop us a line, or leave us a comment. If ya dig it, then be sure to hit share on Facebook and Twitter.

That's one for the Republic. Until your next news minute, make a good day!

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