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Podcasting Insights at the 14th Annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Podcasting Insights at the 14th Annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - Excitement is building as Team Evergreen gears up for the 14th Annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival (CDFF), which officially opens Wednesday October 4. Recognized as one of the top 50 documentary festivals globally, the CDFF features local, domestic, and international films and shorts on topics ranging from true crime and environment to human spirituality and more.

This year, Team Evergreen is participating not only as Silver Sponsors, but we’ll also be hosting an open and weighty conversation on Ethical Storytelling in Podcasts. On Saturday October 7th, surrounding the showing of documentary “Citizen Sleuth”, Evergreen’s own, David Allen Moss will moderate a panel discussion with makers of the documentary, and True Crime Podcast Host and Producer Bill Huffman.

The Importance of Ethical Storytelling

Podcasts offer an accessible platform for almost anyone to tell a story, connect with others, and share their narrative. As we highlighted in our 7 Reasons You Should Start Listening to Podcasts blog, podcasting is the renewal of the dying form of verbal storytelling.

But it’s not just about recounting experiences. Especially in the realm of true crime, it is paramount to be intentionally ethical in your storytelling. Podcasters have a social responsibility to prioritize truthfulness, accuracy, and transparency. The overarching aim is to tell compelling stories, without causing harm. Ethical storytelling serves to honor our collective humanity and trust within the broader podcast community.

Citizen Sleuth Documentary
Citizen Sleuth Promotional Poster

Podcasting - Production, True Crime, and Ethical Storytelling with Citizen Sleuth

“Citizen Sleuth” is the behind the curtain documentary on the true crime podcast, Mile Marker 181 with host, Emily Nestor. In her podcast and documentary, Emily delves into a fatal accident and potential police cover-up of an event that could actually be a murder. Emily takes the audience along as she recreates the crime, interviews experts, and explores every avenue of cause.

On Saturday, October 7th starting at 3 p.m. we will sit down with Emily Nestor, Bill Huffman and David Allen Moss for a candid discussion about the ins and outs of podcasting and what happens when you have the story all wrong. A screening of “Citizen Sleuth” will follow.

Join us for this soulful conversation at Chagrin Falls Township Hall on Saturday, October 7th starting at 3 pm. Click to view details and order tickets.

2023 Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

This year, CDFF offers both in-person and virtual experiences. In-person events run from October 4th to 8th, featuring an exciting opening night with "My Name is Annabel" followed by a special Lighting of the Falls ceremony. Enjoy dynamic documentaries, awards, panels, and captivating conversations throughout the festival.

For those who prefer staying home, the festival goes virtual from October 9th to 16th. Experience CDFF from anywhere and even host your own watch parties with full access to the virtual festival!

View the schedule and purchase tickets on the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival website.

Join us in Chagrin Falls for an enriching experience at the 14th annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, celebrating ethical and diverse storytelling creatives!

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