Spooktacular Halloween Podcasts

Spooktacular Halloween Podcasts

Happy Halloween! To help you celebrate the scariest of seasons, Evergreen has collected the most delightful frights and scares in audio drama, classic literature, and non-fiction podcasting. With sinister escape rooms, man-made monsters, and ghost-hunters gone missing, these podcasts have all the spooky stories you’ll need this October. Listen if you dare.

GenXGrownUp: “Escape Room”

It all started when Jon, George, and Mo (the hosts of the GenXGrownUp podcast) thought it would be a great idea to bring their unpaid intern (Mo’s daughter Rachel) with them to experience a brand new type of escape room. Little did they realize that this was part of something much bigger, and more dangerous, than they could ever have imagined. Their only way out is through... and not all will escape. This fictional, three-part miniseries will run throughout Halloween week. Can you survive the escape room?

CIRCLES: A Halloween Horror Series

Something is coming. If you want to survive, you must remember this: Stay safe. Stay inside your circle.

Ten years ago, four teenagers summoned a dangerous demon and while they lived to tell the tale, their lives were changed forever. Now the demon is coming back and the friends are forced into a risky plan to save their souls, where the difference between survival and eternal torment might be nothing more than a simple circle, drawn on the ground in chalk or salt.

Questions will be answered. Darkness will be encountered. Circles will be closed. This four-part audio horror series is available now on Evergreen or your favorite podcast app.

Evergreen Cheer: “The Black Velvet Ribbon”

A dark short story that has been told for centuries, “The Black Velvet Ribbon,” is a tale of love, obsession, deceit, and mystery. This Halloween, gather around the campfire to hear Assistant Producer Declan Rohrs’ dramatized reading of Laura Freeman’s “The Black Velvet Ribbon.”

Evergreen Cheer: "She's My Witch"

For this Halloween episode of Cheer, Producer Hannah Leach is on the hunt for a spooky cover song, seeking something she'd never heard before. Enjoy her scary-good results with the bone-chilling banger, "She's My Witch" by Kip Tyler. Her spooky, sultry take is available now.

Evergreen Cheer: “The Haunting of Franklin Castle”

It’s Ohio’s most haunted house… and Producers-turned-paranormal-investigators, Julie Fink and Brigid Coyne, decide to pack up some audio equipment and capture what lingers within the boarded up castle walls. What starts out as a fun idea for a Halloween podcast, turns into a ghost hunter’s worst nightmare. Disclaimer: No Producers were harmed in the making of this mockumentary.

Novel Conversations
: “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

Join Host, Frank Lavallo and his guest readers in an exploration of Mary Shelley’s classic 19th century gothic novel. This dark cautionary tale is a Halloween treat for listeners as the discussion turns to the tormented creature who unleashes a campaign of murderous revenge against his creator, Victor Frankenstein.

Behind the Doc
: "The House in Between"

From the Film by Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton

Have you ever visited a real-life haunted house? Come, step inside Alice Jackson's home.

For over ten years Alice has been experiencing paranormal activity in her house, and after one night's terrifying events... she wants answers. In this episode of Behind the Doc we talk to long time ghost hunter Steve Gonsalves and his partner Kendall Whelpton. They tell us all about traveling to Mississippi, meeting Alice, and what it was like filming inside her haunted home.

Storytime Anytime: “Spooktacular Stories”

SPOOKtacular Stories and silly jokes will get your kids in the mood for some Halloween fun. Liz and Billy think they have a “spooky tree” in their front yard. Find out what happens when lightning strikes a pole and the “not-so-scary” spooky tree comes crashing down. Then in “Maxine and the Ghost Dog,” find out how Maxine learns to be the best fire dog of all time. Lastly, we will venture out for some trick-or-treat fun with a little boy and his dad in “When I Go Trick-or-Treating.” The night seems to be going well until they come to Mrs. McFearsome’s house.

Also be sure to check out "Halloween Fun" with Storytime Anytime.

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