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Will You Be Our Valentine? We Have an Evergreen Podcast That Was Made for You

Will You Be Our Valentine? We Have an Evergreen Podcast That Was Made for You

We are all about the holidays at Evergreen Podcasts. It is a perfect time to share some of the shows we feature on our consistently growing network. Below is a list of the episodes we think you'll love, too.

So, ditch the romantic dinner and the cheesy gifts and dive into audio to discover your real love... podcasts!

For the Bruce Springsteen Lover

None But the Brave

None But the Brave is a must-listen for diehard Bruce Springsteen fans as it takes a comprehensive look at his music and career. Hosted by film producer Hal Schwartz and 'Backstreets Magazine' contributor Flynn McLean, every episode gives fans a new level of appreciation for the tours and albums they discuss. Each episode of this podcast really brings you back in time to each moment in Bruce’s career.

Check out the episode above from season four where Hal and Flynn are live from the opening night of the 2023 Springsteen tour from Tampa Florida. The duo shares their thoughts on the evening including crowd sing-alongs and the emotion behind Bruce's performance. Check out more about the show here.

For the Pop Culture Aficionado

Two Designers Walk Into a Bar

Two Designers Walk Into a Bar is loaded with spirited conversations about pop culture and iconic design.
Todd Coats and Elliot Strunk are two creative friends who genuinely love the scope of grand museums and dive bars. The duo talks about influential work and uncover stories of how the familiar became iconic.

This episode, for example, begins with the founding of iconic Blue Note Records and albums from the golden age of jazz. Todd and Elliot drop into coffee houses, jazz clubs, and record label offices in New York to talk about the rebellious music of the personalities behind that songs. The two conclude by discussing the design of Lee Morgan’s 1961 album “Leeway.” Listen to more episodes here.

For the Passionate Soul

Wild Precious Life

Join author and educator, Annmarie Kelly as she laughs and cries with writers, musicians, and entrepreneurs who inspire all of us to reach beyond our divisions and discover what it means to be wild, precious, and brave.

This is one of our favorite episodes because Annmarie interviews Ashley C. Ford, the author of the New York Times Bestselling memoir, "Somebody's Daughter." The two talk about surviving family trauma, setting healthy boundaries, and dive into how to trust the people in our lives to do their own mental health work.

On the lighter side, Ashley and Annmarie also discuss yacht rock, Midwestern pride, and their favorite character on The Golden Girls.

Listen to more episodes and sign up for the Wild Precious Life newsletter here.

For the Story Lover

Novel Conversations

Novel Conversations gives a nod to the world's greatest literature. If SparkNotes had an audio best friend, it would be Novel Conversations! English teacher, Frank Lavallo hosts two readers in each episode and together they summarize the work of a classic author such as Virginia Wolfe, Herman Melville, or Agatha Christie.

Check out this episode centering around A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain. The novel shares how Hank Morgan, a skilled mechanic in a nineteenth-century New England arms factory, is struck on the head during a quarrel and awakens to find himself among the knights and magicians of King Arthur's Camelot. The 'Yankee' embarks on an ambitious plan to modernize Camelot.

This is your podcast if you love books!

For the Career-Oriented

Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces

Each week on Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces, Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter and Peter Zollman of the AIM Group, along with guests from the world's leading job sites, analyze news about general and aggregator job board and recruitment marketplace sites.

In this episode, Steven and Peter interview Kelly Cherwin, the Director of Editorial Strategy at HigherEdJobs. She speaks about the key differentiators between HigherEdJobs and other niche and general job boards and recruitment marketplaces is their non-job content. Take a listen here.

For the True Crime Enthusiast

Ain't It Scary with Sean & Carrie

You'll love Ain't It Scary with Sean & Carrie if you want to feel like you are part of a spooky conversation. The married couple explores the unknown, the unsolved, and the unbelievable. We are especially fond of the three-part series on the tragedy of the Titanic. Sean and Carrie begin with the backstory of the construction and the decisions that were made in the pre-voyage process that would eventually doom the magnificent ship to sink to its watery grave in the cold waters of the Nova Scotian Atlantic.

Take a listen to this top Evergreen podcast if you want to be kept in the loop for some of the world's most famous unsolved and untold stories.

Evergreen Podcasts has something for everyone this Valentine's Day.

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