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This Week in News: 7/18/19

| S:1 E:28

America has a lot to offer – from Lady Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. This week Rodge travels off the beaten path to give you the beat on 5 unique vacation destinations in 2019. Check it out!


EPISODE 28: July 18, 2019

TITLE: This Week in News: 7/18/19

HEADLINE: 5 Wacky U.S. Gems to Visit this Summer

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: America has a lot to offer – from Lady Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. This week Rodge travels off the beaten path to give you the beat on 5 unique vacation destinations in 2019. Check it out


Here is a snappy summary of the news – a weekly digest of the latest events and happenings at home and abroad. I’m your host, Rodge Bigsby and this is your Retrotone News Minute!

Greetings Mr. & Mrs. America and all holes in Hobbiton. Hitch up that RV!


Head to Kalamazoo, Michigan and visit The Beer Exchange! This bar has a beer list unlike any other – check out the screen that lists beers and prices, but be quick about it! This bar’s list is modeled after the New York Stock Exchange, with prices rising and falling rapidly. Every once in a while, there’s a market crash that brings beverages to all-time low. If you act fast enough, you can grab a great deal on your favorite craft beer. “But,” as Time Magazine points out, “Unlike stock trading, there’s no reward for buying low and selling high. Besides getting buzzed, that is!” Cheers Kalamazoo!


“Not all who wander are lost.” If you’re a fan of Tolkein and adventures, head to Fairfield Virginia to spend the night in your own hobbit hole! This cozy home right out of Hobbiton sleeps 4, and looks just as Tolkein describes in his novels. It’s listed on Airbnb for just $197 a night. So grab your travel cloak and head to Fairfield. Just remember Tolkein’s warning: “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”


Stop in Cedar Point, North Carolina and head to the visitors' center, where you can enjoy their petting zoo. Their flamingo petting zoo. That is – their PLASTIC Flamingo Petting Zoo. That’s right, fenced in an area infront of the center, surrounded by “petting zoo” signs, is a collection of plastic flamingos. If you grow too attached in your visit, no problem. Head inside the visitors’ center to “adopt” (purchase) one to keep the memory alive.


RV ad?



4) (Alliance, Nebraska)

Alliance, Nebraska boasts Carhenge, which is exactly what it sounds like. Stop by to see this replica of Stonehenge that uses cars instead of rocks. Made with vintage cars all painted grey, this Nebraska replica was originally created for the summer solstice of 1987 and has remained there ever since, perfect for your travel photobook!

5) ATTN Ice-Cream Lovers – Veer off toward VERMONT!

Ben and Jerry's Flavor Graveyard (Waterbury, Vermont)

If you’re a real ice-cream connoisseur like Rodge, you’ll LOVE this rocky road to Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s created an ice cream graveyard that hosts funerals in honor of our fallen flavors. The “dearly de-pinted” are commemorated with granite tombstones after they go out of production. The graveyard is intended as a celebration of the company’s failed flavors and can be seen on their factory tour. Rest in peace, Sugar Plum!


And that's one for the Republic! I'm your host Rodge Bigsby and this has been news from Retrotone, a service of Evergreen Podcasts.

Until next time… make a good day!

Yoo-Ha! Hashtag, RodgeBigsby.

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