Films That Formed the Tween Collective Unconscious of the Y2K Era

Welcome to Sleepover Cinema, where we analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls and gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.

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| S:7 E:13

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27 Dresses

Sleepover Cinema | S:10 E:13
If you would assassinate your sister with zero remorse, this one’s for you....
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Our Lips Are Sealed ft. They Thought I Was You

Sleepover Cinema | S:10 E:12
Accompanied by this world’s foremost Mary Kate and Ashley scholars, Lani and Becca from They Thought I Was You, we’re throwing on the barbie with ...
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The Little Mermaid

Sleepover Cinema | S:10 E:11
Pop in your battered old cassette and get ready to pour one out for Howard Ashman as we finally discuss the one and only!...
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Green Day’s “American Idiot” ft. Keara Sullivan

Sleepover Cinema | S:10 E:10
"American Idiot" launched a thousand memes, an entire (questionable!) Broadway show, and the post-9/11 political consciousness of youth around the...
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