Films That Formed the Tween Collective Unconscious of the Y2K Era

Welcome to Sleepover Cinema, where we analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls and gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.

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Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:7
A plucky red-headed girl orphan saves the day once again… but this time, in Paris, AND with Frances McDormand!
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Cadet Kelly

Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:6
Is this the story of a liberal NYC mother-and-daughter’s totally unprompted radicalization? Or is this a very subtle, tongue-in-cheek, subtext-heavy tale of lesbian pining?
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:5
A haunting piece of Sleepover Cinema’s “collective unconscious,” 1994’s “Thumbelina” is a much-pondered gem of our canon.
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Billboard Dad

Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:4
A decidedly adult-centric tale centered around the romantic exploits of an artist and his dastardly… fine art dealer?
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Eloise at Christmastime

Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:4
Another timeless classic from The Wonderful World of Disney, “Eloise at Christmastime” has everything we need.
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Camp Rock

Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:2
In a post-High School Musical world, Disney Channel had a lot to live up to.
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What a Girl Wants

Evergreen Podcasts | S:4 E:1
We’re kicking off season four of Sleepover Cinema with true classic: 2003’s What A Girl Wants starring Amanda Bynes.
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Two Big Announcements!

Evergreen Podcasts
Yes, we’re on our between-season break, BUT we needed to just pop in for a sec!!!
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:18
With an absolutely divine ensemble cast, 1960’s-flavored bops, and a surprisingly tender performance by one John Travolta, 2007’s Hairspray is an obvious choice for our season three finale.
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:16
As the sole film (perhaps!) responsible for the movie musical renaissance of the mid 000s, 2002’s Chicago is THE overachiever of its genre and time period.
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Hocus Pocus (Live!)

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:15
Drag queens love it for a reason!
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Sweeney Todd

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:15
The first R-rated many of us dared to see, star-studded with nearly every villain from the Harry Potter franchise, this one is for the emo theatre kids.
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:14
If you did youth theatre in the mid-000s (and especially if you considered yourself edgy), you already know it well— 2005’s RENT.
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:12
With the holy warmth of Ms. Audra McDonald and a character canonically referred to as “daddy,” 1999’s Annie is made-for-TV perfection.
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High School Musical 2

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:12
We’re celebrating the end of summer with a quick trip to Lava Springs Country Club.
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The Phantom of the Opera

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:11
Our musical mini-season kicks off to a melodramatic start with 2004’s “The Phantom of the Opera." Turn your face away from the garish light of day.
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First Anniversary Spectacular!

Evergreen Podcasts
We talk best and worst movies upon rewatch, answer juicy listener questions, and debate whether or not we had the 90s Barbie airplane as children.
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Easy A ft. Movies That Raised Us

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:9
Emma Stone was THAT GIRL for young millennials, and there’s perhaps no better example of her It-ness than 2010’s “Easy A.”
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Mean Girls

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:8
You know every line, whether you like it or not. It’s finally time for 2004’s “Mean Girls” to take center stage on Sleepover Cinema.
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Holes ft. Yhara Zayd

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:7
Featuring multiple instances of vigilante justice, and what turns out to be a not-so-subtle allegory for the prison industrial complex, Holes does it all.
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Bend It Like Beckham

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:6
Now, we aren’t normally here for sports movies… but for 2002’s “Bend It Like Beckham,” we’ll make an exception.
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:5
With a Mandy Moore filled with righteous fury, problematic wheelchair usage, and just a sprinkling of gay nonsense, “Saved!” absolutely reeks of 2004.
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The Devil Wears Prada ft. Emma McGuigan

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:4
This movie has made an indelible mark on the world of cozy girls’ night movies (almost as much as the color cerulean in trickle-down fashion philosophy).
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:3
2007’s “Enchanted” signaled the beginning of polarizing era of Disney content: the reign of the “self-aware” princess.
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Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:1
In a Sleepover Cinema first, 2007’s “Juno” is an indie critical darling documenting the unplanned pregnancy of a precocious sixteen year old.
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The Parent Trap

Evergreen Podcasts | S:3 E:1
With camp-based hijinks, a solid A on the Bechdel Test, and just a sprinkle of comp het, this movie won the hearts of millions.
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Pt. 2: Legally Blonde ft. Mom!

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:17
Was mom awareness of the feminism inherent in the blonde bimbo trope explored in 2001’s “Legally Blonde?”
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Pt. 1: Legally Blonde ft. Mom!

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:16
2001’s “Legally Blonde" was first shown to us by our mom one fateful evening in approximately 2004.
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13 Going on 30

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:15
With a sad adult Mark Ruffalo and seemingly the biggest soundtrack budget in film history, there’s much to discuss, and that, we do.
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Hannah Montana: The Movie

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:14
It ain’t about how fast I get there, it ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side… it’s 2009’s “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”
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Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:13
2004’s “Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper” is part gripping cinema, part ubiquitous basement background noise for a generation.
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Jump In!

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:12
Double dutch, wildly unsubtle use of stunt doubles, and rated-G discussions of toxic masculinity in tact… what do we think?
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School of Rock ft. Rivkah Reyes

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:11
2003’s “School of Rock” may be the most ubiquitously adored film of our generation.
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Get A Clue

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:10
Relentlessly flawless fashion, the magic of a tween Lindsay Lohan, AND Y2K proto-video chats? 2002’s “Get A Clue” has it all.
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Bring It On

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:9
Hate them cause they’re beautiful? Well, they don’t like you either.
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New York Minute

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:8
Mary-Kate and Ashley take New York City with diametrically-opposed personalities and personal styles… this should be the movie of a generation, no?
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Twilight ft. Megan and Liz

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:7
Close your eyes and imagine: it’s November 2009. You’re standing in a suburban movie theatre with “Team Edward” emblazoned across your chest.
Listen to Twilight ft. Megan and Liz

The Cheetah Girls 2

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:6
A critical influence on basic girls’ study abroad trips fo generations to come, The Cheetah Girls 2 is a blazer-and-tank-tops-filled romp through Barcelona.
Listen to The Cheetah Girls 2

Heathers vs. The Craft ft. Yhara Zayd

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:5
Pitting two killer teen classics against each other is not a game for the faint of heart— especially 1989’s “Heathers” and 1996’s “The Craft.”
Listen to Heathers vs. The Craft ft. Yhara Zayd

The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:4
Despite its being plagued by low-budget animation, plot holes, and critical disdain, Audrey and Hannah may have seen this movie even more times than the original.
Listen to The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

Ella Enchanted

Evergreen Podcasts
2004’s “Ella Enchanted,” while a prime byproduct of the Shrek Industrial Complex of the early 2000s, is in retrospect a rare breed.
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She's The Man

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:2
Is this movie the understated exploration of queer identity that we want it to be?
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Season Two Premiere: Sleepover

Evergreen Podcasts | S:2 E:1
A critically-misunderstood movie ceaselessly packed with clichés, hijinks, and cute boys, “Sleepover” is, according to the Leach sisters, a perspective from the female gaze in a culture stacked against it.
Listen to Season Two Premiere: Sleepover

Aquamarine: Season One Finalé

Evergreen Podcasts
2006’s “Aquamarine.” Where do we begin? An inspiration. A vision. A fount of creative energy.
Listen to Aquamarine: Season One Finalé

Josie and The Pussycats ft. Name 3 Songs

Evergreen Podcasts
2001’s “Josie and the Pussycats” suffered from a classic case of misaligned marketing— and while this movie was certainly NOT made for kids, the impact that it made on the generation of girls, gays, and theys that DID find this movie is immeasurable.
Listen to Josie and The Pussycats ft. Name 3 Songs

Bratz vs. The Clique

Evergreen Podcasts
2008’s “The Clique” and 2007’s "Bratz” SHOULD have been huge hits, considering that they were products of some of the most popular intellectual properties of our youth.
Listen to Bratz vs. The Clique

The Lizzie McGuire Movie ft. YouthCulture2000

Evergreen Podcasts
Who didn’t want to see their favorite everywoman swept into a highly-fantastical scenario involving Italian pop stars, couture, AND being the center of attention… and all at age 14?
Listen to The Lizzie McGuire Movie ft. YouthCulture2000

Cow Belles vs. Material Girls

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:13
2006 was clearly a time full of growing pains for women in pop culture, as told by two ENTIRELY SEPARATE tween-targeted movies centering around the rich and spoiled sisters getting their comeuppance.
Listen to Cow Belles vs. Material Girls

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Evergreen Podcasts
Featuring baby Chris Pine, painful jokes about a wooden leg, and an only-somewhat justifiable autotuned duet between Dame Julie Andrews and Raven Symoné, there’s a lot to talk about.
Listen to Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Ice Princess

Evergreen Podcasts
With lots of visible breath in cold air, plenty of Zamboni shots, and of course, GREAT sparkling leotards, does this movie live up to the ladies’ memories?
Listen to Ice Princess

Life Size

Evergreen Podcasts
In 2000’s cult classic “Life Size,” we were surprised to rediscover under-discussed successful witchcraft, visible traumatization of an eleven-year-old girl, and a shocking amount of sexual harassment
Listen to Life Size

Freaky Friday

Evergreen Podcasts
The female-fronted band of your dreams, a middle-aged makeover montage, and genuinely compelling chemistry between a teen heartthrob and someone old enough to be his mother. How does it hold up in 2020?
Listen to Freaky Friday

Passport to Paris

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:8
What do two all-American tweens do the city of lights? Diplomatically finesse a revamp of the aqueduct system of Paris, apparently.
Listen to Passport to Paris

1997's Cinderella

Evergreen Podcasts
There are few made-for-TV spectaculars as egregiously underrated.
Listen to 1997's Cinderella

The Princess Diaries

Evergreen Podcasts
Not to be dramatic, but 2001’s “The Princess Diaries” is a movie so close to our hearts that it’s almost impossible to interpret it as art.
Listen to The Princess Diaries

A Cinderella Story

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:5
Does it stand the test of time? Short answer... no.
Listen to A Cinderella Story

Uptown Girls

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:4
2003’s Uptown Girls starring Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning would be nothing without its complicated female characters
Listen to Uptown Girls

The Cheetah Girls

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:3
2003’s The Cheetah Girls marked the beginning of the iconic Disney Channel movie musical era— one that Hannah and Audrey grew up in the thick of.
Listen to The Cheetah Girls

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:3
Featuring an offscreen hookup with a camp counselor, terminal illness in suburbia, a Grecian vacation, AND an emotional breakdown in a bridal shop, there’s drama aplenty in this one… and we, obviously, love it.
Listen to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Evergreen Podcasts | S:1 E:1
2004's Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen has everything one could ever want: fantasy sequences, impeccable costumes, AND a mean girl played by Megan Fox.
Listen to Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Coming Soon!

Evergreen Podcasts
Welcome to Sleepover Cinema, where we analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls, gays, and girl-gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.
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