White Advantage,
Systemic Inequality,
and the Paths to Change

Stephen Dorsey delves deeper into racial discourse through conversations with insightful guests who have their own take on what’s at play. Because it’s time to Be Better, Do Better, Live Better, Together. Presented by Flatiron Wealth Management.

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Senator Don Oliver


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Ingrid Wilson

Black & White with Stephen Dorsey | S:2 E:9
Stephen & DEI expert Ingrid Wilson discuss the wage gap, workplace discrimination, systemic inequality, and more....
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Agapi Gessesse

Black & White with Stephen Dorsey | S:2 E:8
Stephen speaks with Agapi Gessesse, Executive Director of the CEE Center for Young Black Professionals...
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Biju Appachan

Black & White with Stephen Dorsey | S:2 E:7
Biju Appachan, Executive Director of POV Films, speaks about representation, inequality, and the immigrant experience in Canada....
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Kirk Brooks

Black & White with Stephen Dorsey | S:2 E:6
Stephen speaks with the CEO of SkillzHockey, Kirk Brooks...
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