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International Podcast Day – Join the Evergreen World Tour

International Podcast Day – Join the Evergreen World Tour

Celebrate the power of podcasts – the community, the storytelling, and the diversity. From behind-the-scenes accounts to uncommon perspectives, podcasts unleash a world of learning through listening. So, let’s take a day to say, “Thank goodness for podcasts!” on September 30.

And what’s the best way to do that? Tune into a fresh listen or revisit a favorite show. Share with your friends and post on social media fees – and don’t forget to tag #InternationalPodcastDay. Let’s start the conversation. International Podcast Day is an opportunity to connect with fellow podcasters, listeners, enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry.

This is a worldwide celebration, and at Evergreen Podcasts, we’re pleased to roll out a collection of international hosts. Meet our podcasters and learn about the wide range of shows you can subscribe to as you expand your podcast universe on September 30. (And, we hope you make it a “podcast day” every day.)

We’ve got a globe-trotting lineup of podcasts that you’ll love to share on #InternationalPodcastDay. Where do we start? Here’s a primer:

Oh, Canada

Meet Stephen Dorsey. He’s an engaged community leader – a passion he’s pursued for two decades – and founding member and board member of a grassroots think tank called Democracy House. His podcast Black & White explores white advantage, systemic inequality, and the paths to change.

Check out this episode featuring an interview with Don Oliver.

Cult Brand Secrets unwraps presentations by the world’s most well-known brands —Yeti, Skittles, Beats by Dre, the list goes on. CEO of Cult Gathering Chris Kneeland talks shop with brand leaders and identifies trends.

Listen in while Chris talks about the McDonald’s brand in this recent episode:

Vox & Hops is all about life, metal, and craft beer with host Matt McGachy, vocalist of Cryptopsy. Matt has interviewed over 300 metal musicians and toured the globe playing massive festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Brutal Assault, Heavy Montreal, Hell Fest & Summer Breeze.

There’s more where this came from. Listen in:

The Recruitment Flex is all things recruitment with hosts Shelley Billinghurst and Serge Boudreau sharing expertise and opinions from more than 40 years of collective years in the profession.

We think you’ll get hooked after listening to this episode, Leaving Las Vegas:

From the Land Down Under (New Zealand, That Is)

Emma Ferris is a leading physiotherapist, stress, and breathing coach based in New Zealand, and she tells her story to get justice in Conning The Con. No spoilers, but let’s just say that Emma discovered the real, high-stakes identity of Andrew Thomson when their relationship began to derail.

Stop The Killing with co-host Sarah Ferris takes a deep dive into the case files of the FBI’s Active Shooter program. Find out what happened, what went wrong, and what’s behind the scenes at some of the worst mass shootings to make headlines.

Klooghless introduces New Zealand financial advisor Barry Kloogh, who stole more than $15 million from 81 victims during four decades. Call him the “long con.” Sarah Ferris and Forensic Psychologist Dr. Sohom Das unravel the story.

Jamaica, One Love (Many Podcasts)

Nova Lorraine is a psychologist, award-winning fashion designer, author, and founder/editor of Raine Magazine. Nova wants to discover how to survive the journey of creative entrepreneurship by interviewing gusty founders and “Rainemakers” from around the world that offer tips, hacks, and words of wisdom on the podcast Unleash Your Supernova.

Fancy a British Podcast?

British broadcaster Anthony Davis launched Five Minute News after identifying a gap in media for news delivered with feeling. “I decided to make Five Minute News emotive. When I’m reading the story, telling the story, I feel it. But I still keep my voice..”

Listen to this special episode highlighting Queen Elizabeth II:

Check out the four-part horror series CIRCLES by Brendon Connelly that reminds us, “If you want to survive this: Stay safe. Stay inside your circle.”

Check out the latest episode:

Voices in Scotland

Matt Alder is a strategic consultant and globally recognized talent acquisition leader, Matt focuses on everything HR tech, recruitment marketing and employer branding. And in the Evergreen Podcast Recruiting Future, he interviews guests who have a global reputation for innovation. This is the world’s most popular interview-based podcast for senior talent / HR professionals.

Swede Listening

Listen in with Krista Baum and her wildly successful podcast, Storyworth, which helps people from all walks of life tell their life stories – the big ones and the small ones.

Listen to Krista introduce this brilliant show:

Christina Juerling Birro (Pop Culture Confidential)

Pop Culture Confidential with Christina Juerling Birro highlights candid conversations for influential media creatives.

Here’s a clip from the Venice Film Festival you won’t want to miss:

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