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The Do’s and Don'ts of Engagement Season and Wedding Planning

The Do’s and Don'ts of Engagement Season and Wedding Planning

Engagement season has begun! From Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, thousands of people get proposed to, engaged, and start planning the rest of their lives.

But beware- this season is not all lollipops and rainbows. It’s full of Tiffany-sized traps and dinners where they may, or may not propose. Every date night is a possible occasion, and every dessert a possible vessel for a ring (and choking hazard).

This engagement season, it can be hard to plan the perfect proposal, or find a graceful way to say no to your “situationship” when they try to upgrade to the premium plan. We have gathered some (mostly) helpful, and mainly humorous Do’s and Don’ts to help guide your way.

DON’T: Move To A Small Town And Marry A Christmas Tree Farmer

Holiday seasons can be dangerous for the romantics who dream of cozy nights by the fire - but life isn’t a Hallmark movie. It’s probably not the best idea to give up your career - move to a small town - and marry a guy after only knowing him for a week.

DO: Make It Personal

Already engaged? Thinking of making your table toppers? Or maybe you have a crafty aunt who offered to make your bouquets? Check out this episode of Weddings Unveiled:

DON’T: Expect It To Be Like In The Movies

Movie proposals can be beautiful, emotional, and over the top. But if you expect to be proposed to on top of the Eiffel Tower with a million roses spelling out your name below- you may end up disappointed by a ring in your cheesecake. And if you expect a wedding in the Palace of Versaille, then getting married under the night sky surrounded by nature may not meet your expectations. However, movies can still be a great way to get some inspiration for your wedding.

DO: Tell Your Mother…Before Posting On Facebook

Getting engaged is a HUGE event. You may be tempted to immediately share it with all your friends. You’ll want to craft a cute post- sharing photos of the ring (with newly manicured nails), or an adorable couple photo. But- make sure you make the phone call to your mother first! Let her know the wonderful news- or else you’ll be getting a call… and probably not a very happy one.

DON'T: Make It All About The Bride

Even though a bride may grow up dreaming about their wedding day, it's not only all about them. There is the ever important groom (or partner) that they are getting married to. So make sure to involve them in the planning process- and the wedding itself!

DO: Consider A Wedding Planner

Nowadays, wedding planning can be stressful. There are so many decisions - should you go with a big over-the-top wedding, or a small family gathering? Whether or not you should invite your rude Aunt Jane- or face the fallout from not giving your cousins plus ones. Unless you choose to elope- there are save-the-dates, invitations, cake tasting, menu decisions, themes, locations, and more. If you choose to go it alone without a wedding planner- here are “Five Things Wedding Vendors Think You Should Know with Wedding Planner Megan Gillikin.

DON’T: Drop The Ring

DANGER! Beware cracked floorboards, ocean boardwalks, the dreaded deck. Nothing ruins a proposal more than dropping your heirloom ring and losing it forever. If you choose to get engaged during an exciting event- like scuba diving in the Mediterranean, or cliff jumping in the Dominican, maybe consider using a dummy ring, with the real one safe at home.

DO: Invest In Planning Resources to Preserve Sanity (And the Bank!)

Jessica Bishop, Founder of The Budget Savvy Bride, shares expert tips on planning a budget-friendly wedding. Through her platform and podcast, The Bouquet Toss, she empowers couples to plan weddings that reflect their values and priorities, offering resources like real wedding inspiration, free printables, and a planning guide. With tips (Read: How to Plan a Wedding Without Breaking the Bank) such as trimming the guest list, choosing strategic wedding dates, embracing rental options, considering smaller celebrations, and budgeting for alcohol, Jessica helps couples achieve their dream weddings without breaking the bank.

Want more romance content? Evergreen has a lot more to share- from Valentine's Day tips- to wedding planning advice. If you are ready to dive in, here are some more blogs to get you started.

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