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Exploring WWII: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Eight Riveting Podcast Episodes

Exploring WWII: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Eight Riveting Podcast Episodes

The conflict between the Axis and Allied powers in their battle against fascism was filled with captivating tales, both positive and negative. From the triumphs of expert fighter pilots to the use of disinformation tactics, the atrocities of the Holocaust, internment camps for the Japanese, and the nightmarish experiences of soldiers on the Russian battlefield, there are numerous perspectives to delve into. Check out these eight podcast episodes on the topic.

1. Disinformation

Join award-winning speaker and author Paul Brandus in exploring a pressing question: how can we discern the truth amidst a sea of deception? Through gripping accounts of war, espionage, corruption, elections, and other forms of deceit, we come to understand how misinformation has upended our world. But fear not, as we also discover what steps we can take to combat this unsettling trend.

"Disinformation & World War II"

Disinformation played a role in winning one of the most crucial conflicts of the Second World War. This episode explores the various ploys behind D-Day, Midway, and other notable battles and moments that led to Allied success in WWII. With special guests Paul Reid, Craig Symonds, and Meredith Wilson.

2. Conflicted

Zach Cornwell hosts a monthly podcast that delves into historical conflicts that challenge our understanding of morality, raise difficult questions, and spark controversy.

"They Saw Red"

This episode details the Rated-R-for-Russian story of the Red Army's horrific campaign of vengeance against Nazi Germany in the last moments of the war. This true-crime-esque episode deals with many horrific vignettes of rage against the terrors of Nazi power in Germany, particularly in Prussia, which leads to their ultimate victory against the Germans in 1945.

3. Warriors in their Own Words

Warriors in their Own Words is a show chronicling the remarkable tales of war as told by those who proudly served their country. The first episodes tell riveting stories from World War II and then continue to the Vietnam War and other dramatic conflicts.

"Col. Bud Anderson: The Highest Scoring Living American Fighter Ace Part I"

Col. Clarence (Bud) Emil Anderson served in the United States Air Force during World War II and is a triple-ace fighter pilot. Anderson is the highest-scoring living American fighter ace and the 10th-highest-scoring Mustang Ace of all time.

He was also a member of the 357th Fighter group that reportedly shot down the most airplanes in the shortest time of any unit in the European theater, perhaps the whole Air Force.

In part one of this interview, Anderson tells us the origin story of the Mustang, the differences between allied and enemy aircraft, and a dogfight he had during a large-scale bombing mission near Ludwigshafen, Germany.

4. Medal of Honor

Ken Harbaugh tells the stories of service members who have distinguished themselves through an act of heroism. These stories feature recipients from the Civil War to the present day, including a few courageous individuals who were not considered for the medal.

"James Howard"

James Howard led a long career as a pilot. He served in several branches of the military across several different conflicts. His flying skills quickly led him to squadron leader and Ace status. Howard won the Medal of Honor in 1944 for defending American bombers from German attacks.

5. Burn the Boats

Burn the Boats is an award-winning podcast spotlighting intimate conversations with change-makers from every walk of life. Host Ken Harbaugh interviews politicians, authors, activists, and others about the most pressing issues of our time.

"Adam Frankel: Healing Family Trauma through Honesty"

This episode discusses the experiences of Adam Frankel, the former speechwriter for President Obama. In it, Frankel talks in detail about his grandparents' experiences as survivors of the Holocaust, one of the great atrocities of human history and the darkest chapter of WWII. He also talks about mental health, family history, and the importance of honesty when facing the traumas of the past.

6. Ohio v. the World

Ohio v. the World is an American history podcast that explores a different person, place, or thing relating to Ohio in each episode. Host Alex Hastie interviews top historians and authors about Ohio and American history.

"Japanese American Incarceration in WWII: Ohio v. Incarceration"

Why did FDR and the American government decide to forcibly move 120,000 Japanese Americans to 10 camps across the American West? The incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II is a policy decision that will live in infamy. This episode brings on three historical experts to speak more about this tragic and racially motivated decision that remains a stain on US history. Among them is Shirley Ann Higuchi, Chair of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, who goes into more detail about Heart Mountain, one of the internment camps.

7. The French History Podcast

A weekly history podcast that delves into the rich and captivating history of France, spanning over 3 million years. Hosted by renowned historian Dr. Gary Girod, the show features insights and contributions from esteemed scholars

"France and its Empire during World War 2 with Dr. Chris Millington"

Dr. Chris Millington talks about France during WWII, answering such questions as—why was France defeated by the Germans in such a short time? What kind of resistance was there against the Vichy Government? What did people misremember about the events of WWII in France? And, lastly—what is Vichy Syndrome?

8. Kennedy Dynasty

This Kennedy-themed podcast hosted by Alyson Holland takes a deep dive into the Kennedys' family dynamic, appeal, call to public service, notable accomplishments, and more.

"PT-109 :: Part One"

In 1943, John F. Kennedy served as the last commander of the Patrol torpedo boat 109 on a campaign in the Solomon Islands during World War II. Kennedy saved the eleven surviving crew members when the ship sank after it collided with a Japanese destroyer, turning him into a war hero. Host Alyson interviews Ryan Pryor for this part one episode of an in-depth look at JFK and his journey on PT-109.

This war was marked by remarkable triumphs, tales of bravery and kindness, the horrors of the battlefield, and the tragic consequences of prejudice and discrimination, both in America and beyond. It is our hope that this list has provided fresh insights into one of the most pivotal periods in contemporary history.

Want more history? Listen to full history podcasts here or on your favorite podcast app.

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