Podcasts for Moms This Mother's Day

Podcasts for Moms This Mother's Day

(May, 2022) - Mother’s Day looks different for just about everyone. Some of us are moms. Some of us want to be moms. Some of us are missing our moms. Whether the day brings time together, apart, or remembering a mom – most of us have mom stories we hold close.

We decided to curate this list of Evergreen Podcasts that highlight the role that mothers play in our lives while also aiding in tips for parents.

We hope these fun, informative, and entertaining Podcasts will be a welcomed addition to your playlist.

Be sure to check out each show’s page for a more in-depth analysis.

Happy Mother’s Day and happy listening!

1. High School Hamster Wheel

High School Hamster Wheel is a podcast about our kids, education, and raising teenagers. Host and creator Betsy Jewell interviews industry leaders in education and explores issues like college-prep, driving, and career exploration.

During 35-40 minute episodes, Betsy cultivates advice for parents with a mission to help young people explore their options in high school and beyond so that they can find a path that is the best fit for them.

In this episode, Betsy welcomes Ann Imig, a positive psychologist who provides tips on helping our teens conquer the application process. The conversation is fun and informative.

2. Your Teen with Sue and Steph

Your Teen with Sue and Steph is a podcast about parenting that brings the magazine, 'Your Teen,' to life through discussions and storytelling. Founder Susan Borison joins publisher Stephanie Silverman to speak to experts, authors, and fellow parents. In addition to their podcast, 'Your Teen,' also offers parents weekly newsletters, workshops, and a platform for venting on Facebook.

Wanna give it a listen? Check out this episode featuring the top three lessons every college freshman needs to know and also what parents should focus on with their child the summer after senior year.

3. Sleepover Cinema

It’s a dream for many mothers: They just want the kids to get along. In Sleepover Cinema, where sisters Hannah Leach and Audrey Leach analyze the films of the late 90s and early 2000s and hash through parenting drama.

Check out this episode featuring an analysis of 2001’s “Legally Blonde,” along with Hannah and Audrey's mom, Jennifer. What does she think of the movie now? And what does she think of them constantly analyzing her parenting choices on a public platform?

Storytime Anytime with the Twin Sisters® is a kids podcast that features story time and learning as the younger set explore topics like dinosaurs, sharks and animals.

Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson combine their education and entrepreneurial background to deliver engaging podcasts that are suited for the little ones in your life.

In this recent episode, Jack encounters a hungry giant and beanstalk. This magical fairy tale along with sing-along songs will entertain listeners as they learn fun facts about geese and play the musical game of “Duck, Duck, Goose!"

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