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Evergreen Podcasts Joins Forces with Next Chapter to Elevate Award-Winning Shows

Evergreen Podcasts Joins Forces with Next Chapter to Elevate Award-Winning Shows

Cleveland, OH—Evergreen Podcasts (Evergreen) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Next Chapter Podcasts, an esteemed independent podcast producer dedicated to authentic, original storytelling. This collaboration promises to amplify the reach and impact of five standout shows spanning music, business, and pop culture, among others.

From the creative minds behind gripping narratives like the clash between the swashbuckling Captain Henry Morgan and the Spanish Empire and the ongoing exploration of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time comes an exciting new chapter! Evergreen Podcasts and Next Chapter Podcasts have joined forces to propel the growth of The 500, BEEF with Briget Todd, Indecent, In the Cards, Thick Skin, and How I Got Greenlit.

"We launched Next Chapter six years ago to elevate bold, authentic voices working with former professional athletes, comedians, historians, and journalists to produce entertaining and informative podcasts,” explained Next Chapter Founder and CEO Jeremiah Tittle, “the partnership with Evergreen Podcasts truly elevates our excitement for the future as we seek to expand our reach and partner with brands who believe in our mission."

The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers is a weekly odyssey through Rolling Stone's prestigious 500 Greatest Albums list. Meyers, the creator of Comedy Central's The Comedy Jam, is joined by co-host Jeremiah Tittle, Next Chapter’s Founder & CEO, and guests like Bill Burr, John Stamos, and Wanda Sykes for an hour of "uproarious laughter and soul-searching humanity." This insightful and entertaining podcast connects with a devoted Generation X following every Wednesday.

BEEF with Bridget Todd, the 2024 Ambies Best Indie Podcast nominee, and 2023 Gold Signal Award winner, returns for a second season of captivating, scripted non-fiction. Todd delves into the historical feuds that have shaped history, from the world of wrestling between Ted Turner and Vince McMahon to the rivalry between advice columnists Dear Abby and Ask Ann Landers. Her tactful approach and insightful commentary make BEEF a must-listen for those fascinated by the human stories behind pop culture business battles.

Indecent with Kiki Andersen is a fearless exploration of society's taboos through the lens of comedy. This seasonal, scripted non-fiction podcast finds the humor in uncomfortable corners of culture, from sex and politics to religious boundaries. Andersen's conversations with comedians, psychologists, and experts peel back the wallpaper of polite society, challenging listeners to confront what's off-limits and who gets to decide.

In the Cards, a RomCom about a loser set to change his destiny; Gil, a low-level ad man fated to lose at everything. When Nadya, the beautiful niece of psychic Bella reveals the universe is against him through tarot cards, Gil vows to change his destiny. Cheered on by co-worker and best friend Lex, Gil studies philosophy under Professor Towers.

Thick Skin provides an unfiltered athlete's perspective on sports and entertainment. Former professional baseball players Jacque Jones and LaTroy Hawkins pull no punches as they analyze the media's coverage, correct misconceptions, and offer candid insights from their years in the spotlight. Whether discussing the latest controversies or reminiscing about their playing days, Jones and Hawkins bring a refreshingly honest take that only those with thick skin can deliver. This no-holds-barred podcast gives listeners an inside look at the world of professional sports and celebrity through the eyes of those who have lived it.

How I Got Greenlit offers an inspiring look at how to pursue your passions in the creative arts and beyond. Industry veterans Keledjian and Gibson unlock the secret ingredients to personal success through candid long-form interviews and group conversations with acclaimed working professionals. Hear firsthand how these luminaries discovered their paths, achieved their goals through perseverance and hard work, and embraced the incredible luck that came their way. An uplifting listen, How I Got Greenlit provides motivating stories and advice for anyone striving to make their creative dreams a reality.

“We are delighted to welcome Next Chapter Podcasts' outstanding shows to the Evergreen network," said Samantha Maloy, Director of Marketing at Evergreen Podcasts. “The addition of their quality content from talented creators aligns with our mission to deliver thought-provoking programming across genres!”

Please contact Samantha Maloy for interviews, marketing opportunities, or more information about Evergreen Podcasts or Next Chapter Podcasts.

About Next Chapter Podcasts

Next Chapter is an independent podcast production house dedicated to original, authentic storytelling. NCP is a team of producers, sound designers, engineers, and artists with the unique experience to excel in podcast production from concept to creation. NCP is an organization looking to make the world a better place and lift marginalized communities through the spoken word. Learn more about us at nextchapterpodcasts.com.

About Evergreen Podcasts

Evergreen Podcasts is one of the world’s largest independent podcast networks with a premier catalog of over 300 entertaining and thought-provoking shows. Evergreen is a full-service podcast production, brand marketing, and sales organization rooted in high production values and artistic integrity. With a diverse roster of storytellers from true crime, pop culture, comedy, and beyond, Evergreen Podcasts connects listeners with content that informs, entertains, and inspires. For more information, visit evergreenpodcasts.com.

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